"Thadeus Specialise in off market access in the seemingly impossible luxury world"

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For those who truly appreciate luxury, access is everything. And here at Thadeus London, we know that nothing is impossible.

Thadeus London is a private office that provides selected clients with privileged access to the world’s most luxurious brands, services, and rare and limited-edition pieces.

We specialise in everything that is exceptional and surprising in the rarified world of exclusive luxury. Creativity is our watchword, and we are able to procure the hardest-to-find products through our sought-after networks of specialist suppliers.

In the world of luxury sourcing, anything is possible, no request is too small or big. At Thadeus, we can fulfill any request, just name it and we will find it for you.

Founded on the principle that anything is possible – this ethos remains at the heart of the company. We provide our clients with exceptionally high standard of services, particularly for exceptionally rare items or sold-out tickets to the hottest show in town or a table at the latest Michelin-star restaurant. We ensure that each request we receive is carried out with diligence and meticulous attention to detail.

We see obscurity as a challenge and nothing as unobtainable. No more trawling through endless shops and websites – let our expert team do the legwork for you, putting you closer to the pieces you desire. After all, time is a luxury you can’t afford to give up

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